Are you a stall owner?

Benefits to stall owners

'Super Stalls' have a range of fields aimed directly at stall owners. Standard stalls can be upgraded for a small annual fee ($10 per year, or less if you sign up for longer) and the following additional fields will become instantly available;

Stall photos

You can upload up to 5 photos of your stall which will be included as a slideshow gallery on your Super Stall page.

Short description
Use this text field to add anything you like, such as how to find your stall if it's tricky or where in the market you are running your stall for example.
Opening times
If you are a manned shop or are posting about a market stall, you can define your opening days and times to avoid customer disappointment.
Further information
Currently this has two options, but let us know if you'd like to see more. These are 'Change given' and 'Eftpos accepted'.
Itemised produce prices
Add as many as you like. Tick the months this product is available and its price. All produce available in the current month will be highlighted above the general list. Edit the list at any time, changing the price or marking the product 'Temporarily unavailable'.
StallSpot cards

If you'd like, we can supply some StallSpot cards which you can put your stall reference number on. Customers can then quickly find and add you to their favorites.

Update your customers

Customers who have added your stall to their favorites and have opted to receive updates will be emailed whenever you update your stall!

Instructions to Stall Owners

Sign up

If you aren't already a StallSpot member, sign up. It's quick and easy!.

Create a stall

Check if your stall has already been added by browsing the map to your location. If your stall hasn't yet been added, go to the Share page and create a standard stall. If your stall has already been added go to its page and click the 'IS THIS YOUR STALL?' link from the sidebar.

Create Additional Fields

When you add a stall you will be redirected back to its published stall page. From here, click on the 'IS THIS YOUR STALL?' link to go to the 'Additional Fields' creation form

Adding 'Additional Fields' to a stall will make you the stall's administrator regardless of which user originally added it.

That's it! You now have a 'Super Stall'.

Have a stall reference?

You might have found a card in your stall with a stall reference number. This means someone has already added your stall to the system. By adding 'Additional Fields' to that listing the listing will become completely yours, and the original poster will lose the ability to make any changes to your stall. Enter the reference in the box below to be taken directly to your stall.

Stall owner tips

The easiest way to find your stall for editing is to go to your user page. At the bottom there are tabs, and your new stall will be listed under the 'Super Stalls' tab. You can go directly to the edit pages for its standard and 'Additional Fields' and update them whenever you like.

It is a good idea to add your entire years schedule of produce at once so that it can be automatically highlighted and will need less frequent updates. The price field is optional and can be left blank or updated as needed.

All crop currently available will be highlighted on the stall page.

If your stall is tricky to find you can use the short description field to give further instructions.