Frequently Asked Questions

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Can any add a stall?

Yes, anyone can add a stall.

You must first register a user account and validate your email address by clicking the link sent to you by the site.

Can I add more than one stall?

Yes, we encourage you to add as many stalls as you own or know about!

Where can I see stalls I've added to my system and favourites?

On your user page you can see a personalised map of your favourite stalls.

At the bottom of the user page is a complete listing of all stalls and Super Stalls you've added to the site.

How do I edit my stalls information?

you can either go directly to the stall page and click the edit link in the admin box below the map in the sidebar, or access the edit page directly from the user page.

The user page is the most convenient place to manage your standard and Super Stalls

My standard stall has gone missing from my user page!

Standard stalls can be converted to Super Stalls by any user. This is so that stall owners can take ownership of their stall if it has already been added to the system. In this case you will receive an email to notify you that this has happened. If you added the stall to your favourites when you created it (default option) you will still see the stall on your user page map.

I can't add a photo or other information...

These fields and more are only available when a stall is upgraded to a Super Stall. Please see the Stall Owner page for more information.

I have a grocery store, can I include it in your listings?

We would only like to have locally sourced produce on the site - if that's you, then sure!

I have a market stall, can I include it in your listings? What if I am at several markets?

Sure, but you will need to add a Super Stall per market so you can show the individual locations, opening times and describe how you can be found at the market in the description field.

Can anyone add additional fields?

Yes, but the intention is that stall owners create additional fields so that they can keep their stall updated regularly. Additional fields are only relevant to stall owners.

What are 'additional fields'?

Super Stalls currently offer the following additional fields, though all fields are optional and only those relevant to you should be filled in:

  • Stall photos (up to 5)
  • Short description (A text field which can be used to describe your stall or more specific instructions on finding it)
  • Opening times (time and day)
  • Further information ('change given' and 'Eftpos available' as tick boxes)
  • Itemised produce prices (as many products as you like can be added, along with prices and months they are available - you can also set any product to 'temporarily out of stock' when it is in season but not available)
How much does a Super Stall cost, and why?

Stall Spot is intended to be a community site - we all benefit from sharing each others' local knowledge. The Super Stall option was created to differentiate a stall being updated by its owner from standard quick listings by general users. The functionality added to Super Stalls is totally focused on keeping small details of a stall up to date such as itemised pricing and product availability. This makes the listing more useful to both users and stall owners.

When adding additional fields you can subscribe for 1 year ($10), 3 years ($25) or 5 years ($40) - after which you can extend the fields at any time by 1 year for an additional $10.

Should the Super Stall expire, the stalls standard fields will remain listed. An expired stall can be reactivated by extension at any time.

How does extending Super Stalls work?

If your additional fields have already expired, they will reactivate for another year from the date of extension. However, you can extend fields at any time, in which case their current expiry date will be extended instead.

What countries does Stall Spot cover?

Stall spot was created in Nelson, New Zealand. There are so many stalls in this area that we felt everyone would benefit from sharing their locations. However, the system is not limited to Nelson or New Zealand, and stalls can be added anywhere in the world.

Can I advertise on Stall Spot?

If you are interested in advertising on Stall Spot, please contact us via email or using the feedback form.